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Welcome to Swiftech Internet

SWIFTech, Inc is an Telecommunications carrier authorized by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to deliver a wide variety of internet, voice, and other data services to Indiana residents and businesses.

We began building the company in early 2015 with a goal of bringing rural Indiana residents up to the same capabilities enjoyed by people in larger communities. With over 56,000 households in SouthWestern Indiana without any access at all to 25Mbps speeds which is what the FCC refers to as "Broadband", and another 250,000 households locked into only one carrier capable of such speeds or that top speed being the maximum available, we decided to throw out all the assumptions about rural customers and rural internet delivery and design a complete network from scratch that maximizes the potentials of multiple technologies.

The result is our hybrid wireless fiber network. This network uses a combination of private fiber runs and high power high gain point to point wireless back-hauls to make the most efficient use of network resources possible. At the customer level, depending on how close the homes are together, we deliver either fiber to the home, or wireless internet through our short-range "micro-pop" deployment strategy which ensures that the distances and frequencies are in line with the environment and always able to deliver a minimum level of service no matter what the weather conditions are.

To prevent bottlenecks, our service deploys a dual internet drain into two tier 1 carriers which is load balanced and all major points of presence are connected to the two nearest to provide redundancy and failover. This gives our entire network at completion a combined total available bandwidth of 2.4 Tbps to the public internet and additional capacity for traffic that is between two customers on our network.

Early on, after reading that 7 of the 20 most hated companies in the US were telecom companies, we decided to eliminate many of the practices that created such feelings towards telecoms. So you won't see price games here. When you sign an agreement, that's your price. It won't change unless you upgrade or downgrade with the exception of inflationary adjustments if necessary should inflation become a significant problem. There are no "promo prices" which get taken away a year later. In fact, for residential customers, THERE ARE NO CONTRACTS! Yes. there's an agreement that says you'll pay us and we'll provide service. But there is no term attached to it. You can cancel at any time! We will not hold you hostage. If you find a better carrier, then we want you to go to them. What's most important is that customers get the best value for their money.

Next, we do NOT engage in little games to get extra dollars from you. Fees are kept to a minimum. We do not have bandwidth caps. We do not throttle bandwidth. And instead of slowing down streaming, our network is PRIORITIZED for streaming video, audio, and voice! We believe in cord-cutting and we want you to be able to order more bandwidth from us and cut that cord to your satellite provider. We believe in it so much that if you pre-pay your installation at the time of order, we'll provide you with a FREE ROKU streaming device for your TV at installation!

Service is another issue. Residential customers can expect most issues to be resolved in no less than 4 hours. If a tower is blown down by a tornado, there isn't much we can do except setup temporary service but that could take a day or two. For dedicated service for business customers, that time to repair is 2 hours. And we guarantee dedicated service to be back up in no less than 8 hours. If these targets aren't met, and they aren't the result of problems on the customer side, we provide credits to your bill!

For dedicated business customers, we also have a product called "UNBREAKABLE INTERNET". And just like it sounds, you can't break it. Why? Let's start with a dedicated fiber connection that comes into one side of the building which is on a battery backup. Then move to the wireless connection into our network with service coming from a completely different POP. Both are load balanced at the router. But then on top of that, a 3rd level LTE 4G connection is brought in to provide a connection to a 3rd provider using a completely different set of frequencies from a different tower! The odds of all three going down are absurd. And using dynamic DNS, the IPs can be replaced by domain names and you'll never have an outage!

in addition to these products, we offer phone lines, PRI, SIP trunks, hosted VoIP (restricted to the PSTN!) and a number of additional services for businesses. 70% of the ownership of this company came from a background of several years working business accounts with multiple carriers. We know what's wrong and right about the jobs we held in the past and that's how we know we can properly service business customers in a way that is better than any other company in the area.

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